Portland Rated “Only Livable City” in US

Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland at dusk. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Monocle, an esteemed London-based magazine covering culture, global affairs, business, and design, has given Portland, Oregon a significant nod to its “livability” (which is awkward considering the fact that former Nike CIO and London native Anthony Watson left the company because Portland was “too boring.” Oops). According to High Snobiety, Monocle’s annual Quality of Life Survey ranked 25 cities based on data from crime rates, healthcare, state-funded education, and business climate, along with a liveability assessment that considers green space, culture, sunshine, and local businesses. Portland placed 23rd (out of 25), right behind Lisbon, Portugal. Which doesn’t seem so impressive, except that it’s the only city in the US to make the list.

What does Monocle have to say about Portland? Contributor Zach Dundas, who is also editor of Portland Monthly, writes, “This ever-cosy but industrious pocket of West Coast bohemia finds itself in the midst of a full-throttle building boom, mostly manifesting as high-density mixed developments in its leafy central neighborhoods. Vigorous lifestyles (one could theoretically ski and surf on the same day) and liberal outlooks (Oregon just joined the roster of states allowing same sex marriage) lend residents a healthy and somewhat self satisfied glow.”

Way to go, hometown! In case you’re wondering, who made it to the top of the list? Copenhagen, Denmark.

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