Pilot’s view of descent into Queenstown, NZ

Descending through the clouds into Queenstown, NZThis is an absolutely stunning piece of footage of coming into Queenstown, NZ to land. It appears to be in a commercial jet, based on how he needs nearly every foot of runway available to get the thing stopped at the end. And the descent through the clouds…with the sharp-edged Remarkables mountains directly ahead and Lake Wakatipu below…well, this is why passengers get windows that look out the sides, so they don’t scream, pass out, etc.

Clear of the clouds, runway in sight
When I flew into Queenstown a couple of years ago, WITHOUT the cloud layer, it felt like we were dropping a coin into a coin slot. What’s impressive here in the video is when they drop out of the bottom of the cloud, how close the mountains are on both sides AND they’re maybe 1 to 2 miles* from the runway threshold at that point.

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* By my calculations, it’s 40 seconds from when they break clear of the clouds over the lake. If it’s a 737-300, it’ll be landing at roughly 160 mph, or 2.7 miles/minute. So my math gives me 1.6 miles. Oh, and that runway is just over a mile long.

Thanks to YouTube user MrGoodviewsPerson for the footage.

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