Lost stuffed animal goes on airport adventures at TIA

Hobbes at TIA

Hobbes surveys his view at the Tampa International Airport (TIA), where he went on a few grand adventures.

SWOONING over this sweet travel story, courtesy of some nice folk at the Tampa International Airport (TIA)!  6-year-old Owen Lake was flying with his mother from Florida to Texas when he lost his stuffed tiger, who was appropriately named Hobbes after the beloved comic strip character. Though the airport was able to find Hobbes, Owen and his mother had already left for their trip to Texas…and when they returned back to TIA, they found out that Hobbes had been on quite the adventure. 

As it turns out, Airport Operations Center Manager Tony D’Aiuto must have been a Calvin and Hobbes fan as well, since he used his lunch hour to photograph the stuffed tiger with other operations staff members on adventures around the airport. Pictures of Hobbes on various activites were compiled into a photo album: enjoying gelato, playing Jenga, working out, and getting VIP behind-the-scenes tours of the airport. Hobbes appeared to come to life, just like the stuffed animal’s namesake comic book character.

SO sweet, right?? TIA, you’e the bomb. Now excuse me while I brush up on some classic Calvin and Hobbes now… Anyone else with me?



(all images via The Tampa Bay).

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