How To Never Miss a Flight

Missed Flight

Don’t let this be you.

Show of hands from seasoned travelers…you may think you’re pretty savvy because you know your way around an airport, but can you say that you’ve never missed a flight? Dave Hamamura, professional wanderer and airport pro, lays claim to this feat. (We want proof, Dave.) Lucky for us, he’s shelled out his best tips for speeding through airports on his travel blog Dave Wanders. And yes, sometimes you just have to sprint to your connecting flight in another terminal, dignity be damned. (Just pray to the good lord that it’s not at Charles De Gaulle, or you better start cardio training ASAP.)

One of our favorite tips that you may not be already using? Taking advantage of your iPhone’s Passbook app. (You can’t delete the default apps, so…if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?) This is especially helpful for long/complicated flights where you’ll have multiple boarding passes to keep track of. Skip scrambling around for the right piece of paper and stay organized with a digital copy of all your boarding passes that will allow you to breeze through security with just a scan of your phone screen. And if you’re not an iPhone user? No worries – just taking a picture or screenshot of your boarding pass will do.

For more tips on expediting your airport experience, head over to Dave’s post!



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