This Guy Proposed From 26 Countries

In case you haven’t had enough of the elaborate proposal stories, here’s one that I’m pretty sure you can’t top: Jack Hyer, a self-described globetrotter and budget travel expert, planned an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend over FOUR YEARS from TWENTY-SIX DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. It gets better: 

Jack knew he was going to marry this girl AFTER THEIR FIRST DATE. He wrote in his travel journal, dated to Sept. 30, 2010: “I’m going to marry this girl, eventually.” (awww.) And then over the next (nearly) four years, while he travelled the world, he filmed himself lip-syncing The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be from the 26 different countries. Fast-forward 4 years to the present, and he surprised his girlfriend (now fiancé) with the video.

The bar has been raised, folks.

P.S. Not only does Jack blog about travelling on the cheap, but his viral proposal video has raised at least $1800 for African orphans’ schooling (according to his tweet). So, y’know, he seems pretty cool I guess.

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