Getting Your Travel Website to Rank Well in 2012+

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz posted this terrific White Board Friday video today:

He talks about some of the classic ranking factors–things you still need to do to your site to get your pages to rank for the terms you’re targeting. But more importantly, he dives into some of the newer factors that help not just ranking but also conversion, and all at a level that should be understandable to a non-SEO person.

I’ll call out some specific bits you should pay attention to:

  • rel=author – this is how you make your photo appear in the Google search results next to the headline etc. when an article or blog post you wrote shows up in the search results. I wrote a post on how to do this here.
  • socially shareable pages – you want your pages to share easily (and with the right image, title, etc., and a link back to your site) on Facebook and (if you have nice photos) on Pinterest (you can add your Pinterest page to your itineraries – read this).
  • importance of social media, and why you should share – read Adam Sherk’s super post on this.

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