This Is Not a Drill: Expedia Swallows Orbitz Too

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HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE! Great news from the travel industry. Remember when we talked about Expedia buying out Travelocity, effectively reducing the entire US online travel industry to three companies? (And why that was such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea?) In case you heard that and were like, “Why, three companies? For all of the good ol’ US of A? That’s simply too many!”, then YOU’RE IN LUCK! Because… (drum roll please…)

Expedia just bought Orbitz too!

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That’s right! Now there are only TWO companies monopolizing the market! (Though US-focused, these companies also control much of the rest of the world’s online travel.) It’s down to just Expedia (which has swallowed more companies than a hungry anaconda) and Priceline (which owns Kayak and, among other travel brands).

Anaconda swallowing a lamb


Who’s taking bets to see how long it’ll take for the entire industry to eventually glom together into one homogeneous empire-company calling all the shots?

I give it six months. 😉



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