Discover Paris – 4 Hidden Attractions of the City

Statue of Liberty in Paris

Statue of Liberty in Paris

Paris is a lovely French capital. Many tourists think that they have already visited most of its well-known attractions. Their statement holds true to a greater extent. However, there are some obscured gems in this romantic city that were overshadowed by popular iconic attractions. Many of these hidden destinations are not mentioned in tourist guide books. One good option I prefer is to go online and search information about hidden sites of Paris. Picking relevant information required for you is not easy always so, I sorted out the popular ones for you.

Here is a list of 4 popular hidden tourist attractions which are worthy of an outing.

1. Statues of Liberty:

Many city tourists are aware that there is a small replica of Statue of Liberty at Luxembourg Gardens. Its a 6ft bronze model, which is one of my favourite attractions in Paris. Also, there are two more replicas of the same statue found in Paris city, which are unknown to many visitors. Of them, one is located at Jardin du Luxembourg, and another one is a 35-foot replica situated near the Grenelle Bridge at Ile aux Cygnes island in the Seine River. Both of them are good replicas of their popular bigger sister present at the New York’s Harbour.

From the Eiffel Tower, walk towards the Seine River. Walk along the river until you notice le aux Cygnes island that runs between two popular bridges. The statue of Liberty is located on the far end of this island. Also, spend some time at Luxembourg Gardens. It’s a beautiful flower garden with gorgeous fountains and is a home for French Senate.

2. Paris Catacombs:

The Paris Catacombs is a large network of the underground city tunnels and are popularly called by locals as “Les Carrireres de Paris”. In the past, these huge tunnels were used as limestone quarries. Later, all these bones were removed and shifted to abandoned mines. Some parts of Paris catacombs are now open to public visitors for about $10, where you can see large piles of bones. Number of Guided visits are restricted to 200 visitors and each group contains a minimum of 10 visitors and a maximum of 20 visitors.

The Catacombs are located in the district of Montparnasse-the 14th arrondissement of Paris. No cloakroom and toilet facility are available so, be prepared before visiting Catacombs. Young children and those visitors suffering from cardiac or any other respiratory problems should avoid visiting these tunnels.

3. Park Asterix:

Every Paris visitor dream of visiting Disneyland Paris without knowing much about hidden attractions of Park Asterix. It’s a popular amusement park and is a perfect alternative for Disneyland. The roller coasters present in this park are even better and offer more fun than Disney park. Asterix is popular fictional French comic character. You can see and enjoy various Asterix characters in each and every corner of the park and is a perfect destination to spend some leisure time.

The park can be reached within 15 min from CDGI airport and about 45 min from the city. Unlike the Disney, the park is less crowded with small queues and provide visitors with unique thrill rides. Don’t miss Park Asterix when travelling with your kids.

4. Le Musee du Vin:

Paris, as well as other popular French cities, are well-know for their wine and food products. So, one would expect a museum for wines in the city. For them, the perfect destination to visit is Le Musee du Vin. It’s a famous museum opened in the year 1984 and has various displays exhibiting the hidden techniques involved in making the tasty French wines. The museum also operates as a tasting room and restaurant.

With every museum ticket you purchase here, you will avail an opportunity to taste a glass of wine at Le Musee du Vin. The best tourist attraction placed very nearer to this museum is the iconic Eiffel Tower. The displays found here are a true wonder for any wine enthusiasts.

If you know any other great hidden attractions in Paris, you can share your suggestions and opinions in comments.

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