Christmas Gift Guide for the Well-Travelled

Last-minute shopping procrastinators, fear not! We’ve got you covered for anyone who’s caught the travel bug and loves adventuring in their own way. Consider us your holiday savior. (Who needs Santa when you have Visual Itineraries?) You’ll be the coolest, savviest person on the block with our top 10 favorites.

1. For the outdoors enthusiast/budget airline overpacker

Tim Adams Waterproof Backpack

Tim Adams waterproof Zipper Roll Top Backpack, $149

Tim Adams is a Portland-based company that makes a hell of a backpack.

We’re loving their waterproof Zipper Roll Top Backpack in the ever-versatile olive + khaki color combo.

Whether your giftee is planning on trekking through the Himalayas or just likes to push airlines’ definition of “small personal item” to the very limit, we’re thinking this bag fits the ticket of both hip and functional.

2. For the lucky b*tches going to [insert tropical destination here] for the holidays

Optrix PhotoProX Case

Optrix PhotoProX waterproof case, $149.95

You love them…but you hate them for ditching the cold slush in favor of balmy breezes and unlimited strawberry daiquiris.

The Optrix PhotoProX set, which includes both a waterproof iPhone case and several exchangeable camera lenses, is the perfect way to say “Please, make me more jealous by taking underwater snorkeling pictures as you frolic with sea turtles while I listen to my passive-aggressive in-laws bicker about what show to watch. You bastard.”

They’ll love it so much that maybe they’ll invite you along next time.

3. For the scattered traveler (read: yours truly)

Grid-It Organizational System

Flight 001’s Grid-It organization system, $24

If I had a buck for every time I’ve left something behind in my stressed-out-from-traveling, scatterbrained state, it would be raining dolla’ bills up in here.

And also I wouldn’t have lost so much stuff. Flight 001’s Grid-It organization system is basically the answer to all us frazzled travelers’ problems: you get to keep all your valuables/annoying cords in one place, and keep your sanity.


4. For the not-so-great packer

CafePress Luggage Tag

CafePress’ I Love Baggage Handlers tag, $12.50

So this gift may or may not actually help anyone who did a terrible job protecting fragile items in their suitcase, but…it’s worth a shot, right?

Smooth-talk your way into getting VIP suitcase treatment with CafePress’ sassy “I Love Baggage Handlers” luggage tag.

Or you could just, you know, break out the bubble wrap and pack more cautiously.

We like this better.

5. For the in-flight diva

Modcloth Bear You've Been Travel Pillow

Modcloth’s Bear You’ve Been Travel Pillow, $24.99

Your high-maintenance travellers may have plenty of noise-cancelling headphones and sleeping masks, but we bet they don’t have something as simultaneously adorable and comfy as Modcloth’s microbead bear pillow (that has a built-in neck rest!).

Case closed.

6. For the I’m-going-to-travel-the-world soul searcher

Flight001 4-in-1 travel adapter

Flight001 4-in-1 travel adapter

You might not be able to give your friend the answers to his or her existential life questions, but you can give the gift of convertible adaptors to make the soul-searching easier.

(“What am I here for? What is the meaning of life? Will I need to get a separate adaptor for Germany and Italy? What the hell does Nepal use?”)

Flight001’s 4-in-1 travel adaptor comes color-coded and ready for over 150 countries.

You’re good to go.

7. For that person who is kind of cool but you have no idea what to get

DCI's Utility Charge Tool

DCI’s Utility Charge Tool, $20

Yes, you read that right. Yes, we have the answer in DCI’s utility charge tool.

It’s vague, it’s generic, but it’s clever enough that the giftee will be all like, “Wow! It’s so useful AND it looks like a utility knife! How nice.”

And then you can go back to being vague, generic friends. …I’m not really selling this one, am I?

Basically, it will (possibly) solve all of your problems for those people who are really difficult to buy for.

Merry Christmas indeed.

8. For that person who… this will probably only work with a family member, best friend, or significant other

AirAsia  route map

AirAsia’s route map out of KUL; ASEAN pass is $148

Granted, this isn’t a present that you can just pick up for anyone, but…it’s pretty FREAKING AWESOME.

If you have a BFF who you’ve specifically dreamed about exploring Southeast Asia for one month with, we have…uh, exactly what you’re looking for: the AirAsia ASEAN pass, which gives you unlimited flying for a month between 10 Southeast Asia destinations.

For $148. (Bonus: you can buy bubble tea in-flight.)

Hello and yes please.

9. For your Portlander & fellow PDX-airport lover

The Athletic's PDX Airport Carpet Socks

The Athletic’s PDX Airport carpet socks, $15

Yes, this is the Portland International Airport‘s carpet.

Yes, The Athletic turned them into socks.

Yes, it is quite possibly my favorite thing. (In case you missed the hubbub, check out the Instagram account with over 13k followers dedicated to shots of the airport carpet. It’s a thing.)

10. For the person who goes camping and incidentally also likes hot tubs

Original Nomad's Collapsible Hot Tub

Original Nomad’s collapsible hot tub and heating coil, $899

No, really.

Portland-based Original Nomad makes a brilliant collapsible hot tub that you can bring camping.

Or wherever you damn well want, really.

Its heater coils are fueled by propane or firewood and you will be the most pimpin’ camper ever for the steal of only $899.

Your move.

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