Show travel specials in your itineraries

Announcing a major new feature:

You can now show travel specials on the pages of the itineraries you create for your clients.

Travel offers in your itineraries
IMPORTANT: this NOT turned on by default; if you’d like to take advantage of this feature, you need to edit your profile in Visual Itineraries…there, you’ll see a list of tour operators you can choose from. If you don’t choose any–no specials will be shown.
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Overwater Bungalows Collection

We get asked all the time about overwater bungalows–of course you probably knew they existed in French Polynesia. But you can also find them in Fiji, Maldives, and even Zanzibar. We’ve created a Visual Itineraries overwater bungalows collection to show you on a map (with the photos, videos, virtual tours etc. of course) where they can be found.

**UPDATE** we’ve just added a new travel planning article on overwater bungalows.

Travel agent’s photo in Google search results

We’ve got a new feature available to help drive more customers to you, via the Visual Itineraries that you link to from your website or Facebook.

Look at the result of this Google search–the Visual Itineraries one stands out (not just because it’s first, but because the travel agent’s photo is shown next to it).

Google search for Skydiving as a career option

Google search results for Skydiving as a career option

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