A Bird’s-Eye View of Paris. (Literally.)

La tour Eiffel is undeniably the most iconic symbol of Paris, as well as one of the best views of the city–if you’re willing to shell out the extra $$ €€ to get there. Victor, a rare white-tailed eagle, takes it upon himself to show you the true bird’s-eye view of Paris as he flies from the summit of the Eiffel Tower, reaching 180 km/hr!

The video is just one in a series on the Freedom YouTube Page, which has partnered the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with the French falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers, who has created a plan to help this species thrive once more after nearing extinction by the 60’s. The result? A hell of a project, and a hell of a view.

Dream Destination Cabins

a model of the PODhouse.

the portable PODhouse in action. Photo © PODhouse

Winter is upon us, which means… GRAB A BLANKET AND HOT CHOCOLATE AND LIVE IN A TOASTY CABIN FOREVER. Or at least vacation in one of 17 super cool destination cabins, like Super Compressor’s fab article recommends. Check it out–their suggestions range from gorgeous cabins in the US (staycations, anyone?) to exotic destinations like New Zealand or Norway. Our favorite? The PODhouse, which, as the name implies, is actually a pod house. Literally a tiny, beautifully-designed, minimalist pod that could be yours starting at the low price of 7,417€! Glamping at its finest. If you need us, we’ll be willingly subjecting ourselves to dwelling in cramped-but-visually-appealing living spaces. Winter got nothin’ on us.

Google Street View Dives Underwater for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Osprey Reef screenshot from Google Street View

Osprey Reef screenshot from Google Street View

Raise your hand if you’ve used Google’s Street View feature to creep on your own house. (In case, you know, you forgot what it looked like.) We’ve all been there. But besides scoping out your own neighborhood street for no productive reason whatsoever, you can use Street View for various purposes, ranging from wincing at embarrassing moments caught on the Street View camera to virtually revisiting famous movie scenes. Google has gone a step further in its impressive Street View project, bringing its cameras Down Under to launch the Great Barrier Reef’s first 3D mapping. Now, instead of just looking at boring 2D pictures of underwater sea life, you can see it in eye-shattering 3D! Technology, yo.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is just the most recent addition to Google’s 3D mapping project, which you can use to virtually explore other reefs around the world. They accomplish this using cameras specifically designed for the project, which take 360-degree images every 3 seconds and are later stitched together to make the viewing experience seamless. Give it a try! Not included in the experience: the sting of saltwater in your eyes or the pain of stepping on sharp shells (been there, done that).

5 Fabulous European Honeymoon Destinations

Photo copyright Millzero Photography

Photo credit: Millzero Photography, via photopin

These days, weddings are all about the destination. Pack up a few close friends and relatives, and you are off to a fantastically wonderful location to say, “I do.” But, most people prefer to keep it simple by having their nuptials at home, and cast off to an exotic locale, rich in beauty, history and excitement. And, it is no surprise that many select Europe as their honeymoon destination. After all, Europe makes it very easy to jump from one place to another, with barely any effort. This is exactly what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did for their recent marriage. The continent offers such a variety of sights to see and things to do that your days will be full of relaxation and entertainment, all at your pace.
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