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Rick Schleicher was raised in California, has a Master's degree in Creative Writing (SFSU), founded a landscaping firm (Landscape Evolution), worked as a contractor and real estate developer (Real Property Rehab) before moving to the Galapagos in 2004 where he founded a community based tour company Come To Galapagos, which offers land-based Galapagos tours. He currently resides on the island of San Cristobal with his eight year old son.

The 10 Types of Travelers

Travelers are all individuals. Most come complete with delightful quirks and idiosyncrasies. That being said, having founded and run a travel business in the Galapagos Islands for 10 years, I’ve come to recognize some definitive traveler types. Here are my top 10 – which category do you fall into?

Giant Tortoise and boy, San Cristobal

A Giant Tortoise and boy in San Cristobal.

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