5 Fabulous European Honeymoon Destinations

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These days, weddings are all about the destination. Pack up a few close friends and relatives, and you are off to a fantastically wonderful location to say, “I do.” But, most people prefer to keep it simple by having their nuptials at home, and cast off to an exotic locale, rich in beauty, history and excitement. And, it is no surprise that many select Europe as their honeymoon destination. After all, Europe makes it very easy to jump from one place to another, with barely any effort. This is exactly what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did for their recent marriage. The continent offers such a variety of sights to see and things to do that your days will be full of relaxation and entertainment, all at your pace.


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If you want classy and you do not care about the price, you cannot make a better selection than Monaco. Situated on the southeast coast of France, near Italy in the area known as the “French Riviera,” Monaco is a principality all on its own. This city-state shares borders with France on three sides, with the spectacular beauty of the Mediterranean Sea on the front.

This region of less than 500 acres has but one major city, Monte Carlo. But, if you must pick one superlative place to visit, Monte Carlo is the right choice. Home to the super rich and famous, lottery winners and celebrities. You will rub shoulders with the local millionaires dressed in the designer fashions on route to the latest star studded events.

Take your chances with high-stakes gambling at the Monte-Carlo Casino and Opera House. Check out the Prince’s Palace, or watch a performance at historic Fort Antoine.

French Riviera

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While you are on the French Riviera, it makes sense to check out some of the other awesome locations on the northern Mediterranean coast. Consider, for example, the nearby city of Nice. You could find yourself at the top of Castle Hill, which offers breath-taking views of the Alps and the sea. Then, take a jaunt over to Cannes.

This resort town features one of the best film festivals in the world, which happens each May. But, if you are hoping to avoid the crowds, come at another time. Then, you might enjoy the Iles de Lerins, or take a cruise tour on the Folly-Too.


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For some people, however, there is nothing that beats island life. For a lesser-known island simply bathing in interesting and unconventional culture and history, it just has to be Santorini.
This small group of islands sits in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. Santorini is all that is left of another island, after a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.

On Santorini, you may find excellent examples of the Minoans, a civilization from about the same time as ancient Egypt. But in Santorini, you also come for the view. Imagine steep white cliffs that plunge into a crystal blue sea, with dark, sandy beaches.

St. Moritz

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It is possible, of course that the beach scene does not appeal to you. In that case, perhaps a trip into the mountains is just the ticket. For fresh, alpine air to cure what ails you, take a visit to St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. This is the ideal retreat for ski bums and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

If you love the snow, you should undergo this trek in winter. But, even in summer, the glassy lakes and wildflower valleys tempt you, right along with the mild temperatures. While you are there, enjoy a spa day, or go shopping among many of the designer stores in town.


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Photo courtesy Travel with Masha

Perhaps you crave entry into a simpler world. With your new spouse, bypass the large tourist destinations and give Lisbon a try. The point of this Old-World city is ease.
Feel free to check out the iconic St. George’s Cathedral (Castelo de sao Jorge). Or, simply kick back in a café with your honey and people-watch. Lisbon is a burgeoning metropolis that has kept much of its small-town charm. And you will feel it, as you walk down the streets or take a romantic stroll by the Tagus River.

Taking a honeymoon to Europe is popular among the rich and famous, as well as everyone else. Try these unconventional European destinations, to get off the beaten track, take some time for you as a couple, and start your marriage off on the right foot.

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