2015 Gift Guide for Travelers

It’s that time of year again! In case you loved last year’s Christmas gift guide, we’re back with all-new ideas for you to get the world traveler in your life: 2015 edition! 

1. Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, $26

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit from Uncommon Goods

This gift is priceless for the foodie on the go – who wants to be without their beloved stash of spices when they’re out exploring the world? This space-efficient stacking spice set gives them the gift of flavor no matter where they are in the world. Mmm.

2. Go-go In-flight Internet, $5 – $59.95

Gogo In-flight Internet

Gogo In-flight Internet

For the person who always (and we mean always) needs to be connected to the digital world…you’ll be their savior by gifting them a pass for in-flight Internet for anywhere from an hour to a monthly subscription. Because who wants to wait to Instagram that perfect window seat wing shot?

3. Mophie Juice Pack Air, $99.95

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie’s phone case batteries are pretty much indispensable for the travelers who use their beloved iPhone to shoot pics, navigate their way around a new place, make lists of must-see places, keep all their mobile boarding passes together, etc. Don’t let them run out of juice on their travel lifeline! The brand has several models to choose from with varying levels of extra power provided, but we like the Air model best for its wide range of colors, sleek fit, and more than 100% extra battery.

4. Luckies of London Scratch Map, $24.99

Luckies of London Scratch Map

Scratch Map from Luckies of London

This is the perfect gift for a couple embarking on an adventure together, eager to check new places off their bucket list. They can scratch off each destination they’ve been to and plan new trips together. The best part? The pretty gold foil top layer reveals a colorful map with geographical detail underneath.

5. Travel Stub Diary, $12

Travel Stub Diary

Travel Stub Diary from Uncommon Goods

If you know someone nostalgic who loves to hold onto old ticket stubs and mementos, this is the perfect present for them. Each page in this travel stub diary has clear sleeves for safely storing postcards, boarding pass stubs, travel polaroids, museum passes, maps, etc., and comes with space in the margins for you to jot down your favorite memories and details. Genius, right?

6. Flytographer, $250 – $875



Traveling somewhere with someone special? Now you can book a photographer to go! Flytographer is a brilliant service that allows you to book a photographer on demand in 160 different destination cities. You could get a quick 30-minute session to capture your surprise proposal abroad, or splurge for a 3-hour session as you explore a foreign place together (with a photographer making you look super good).

7. Looptworks Recycled Airline Seat Bag, $160

Looptworks Recycled Airplane Seat Bags

Looptworks Recycled Airplane Seat Bags

Looptworks is an awesome Portland, Oregon-based company that’s rolled out a couple lines of bags/backpacks that recycles old airline seats. We’re loving their newest partnership with Alaska Airlines, which recycles the airline’s old leather seats into gorgeous carry-on totes and bags. You get to double up an awesome travel bag with the knowledge that you helped save some 4,000 Alaska seats from a landfill. Yay!

8. Balanzza Lewis N Clark Digital Scale, $17.95

Balanzza Lewis N Clark Digital Scale

Balanzza Lewis N Clark Digital Scale

For the overpacker who seems to always be cramming as much as they can possibly fit into their bags without going over the weight limit…give them the gift of accuracy. This hand-held digital scale will help you get down to 50.00 pounds on the dime…because, you know, you absolutely need every last tenth hundredth of a pound.

9. Knock Knock Pack This! Pad, $6.99

Knock Knock Pack This! Pad

Knock Knock Pack This! Pad

Alternatively, for the underpacker who is always forgetting to bring their underwear and contact lens solution…help them cover their bases with this handy-dandy packing pad. You could be that friend who saves them from jetting halfway around the world before realizing they forgot their phone charger – now that’s a good gift.

10. HighView iPad Hanger, $24.99

HighView iPad Hanger

HighView iPad Hanger

Don’t like the movie selection on your flight? Hate the crappy earbuds you have to use to have heard in both ears? This brilliant little hanger is your in-flight entertainment savior. Just plug in your own earbuds and watch whatever favorite shows/movies you’ve downloaded. That’s better.

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