14 Tips for a Fool-proof Honeymoon

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If you happen to be getting hitched during the “prime time” of the upcoming summer months, that means your honeymoon isn’t too far away! Your honeymoon is a wonderful extension of your wedding. Every wedding seems to have a glitch you talk about for the rest of your life, but you want your honeymoon to be perfect. Whether you have traveled together before or this is your first adventure, here are the tips to smooth the road and take it up a notch. After all, this is the beginning of your life together.

Before you go

1. What’s your name? All air reservations must be made in the pre-marriage name. That name on the airline tickets must match the legal identification. You cannot change the name on your ID without the marriage license.

2. Purchase insurance. You have made a sizable investment in this trip. It is smart money management to protect your hard earned money by purchasing trip cancellation insurance. This insurance protects you if you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason.  There are more expensive policies covering cancellation for any reason. They both include coverage for trip interruption if you cannot complete your trip for a covered reason and a feature to cover medical treatment not paid by your health coverage. Memo to self: your health insurance is probably not going to cover you if you are travelling abroad.

If you were to break your neck surfing it pays to transport you home. None of this is fun to consider but you are a married grown up now and this comes with the territory. And yes, I do know someone who had an appendectomy in Paris on his honeymoon. Stuff happens.

3. It’s the Money, Honey! What if you cannot afford the romantic honeymoon you always dreamed of? No problem anymore. A tasteful request for contributions from your wedding guests is an option although it is a bit of an etiquette minefield. Some consider this request as improper to include on the face of your invitation. There are a number of gentle ways to lead friends and family to know you would prefer a zip line ride in Maui to a toaster oven. Have your parental units relay the message when asked what you would like or need. Or leave it off the invitation but include it on your wedding webpage.

4. Cross-pack. Cross packing is the expression I use to describe putting some of your clothes in your partner’s bag and visa versa. If either of you lose your bag you will each still have a few items. Having one of you without luggage is just so unfair, hedge your bets by cross packing.  Also pack your carryon bag with an eye to having your most important items with you. That should include a change of underwear, all medications, a clean shirt and basic toiletries. If your destination is a sunny one, include your bathing suit in the carryon too. You will be ready for your first umbrella drink by the pool before your luggage is delivered to your room or your cruise cabin.

What to take

5. Underwater camera. Do your plans include snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, boating or any other water sports? Take a waterproof camera. Whether you choose a disposable or something more serious, it is the safe way to capture the fun for the future memories.

6 Snorkel. It creeps me out to use a rented snorkel. Take your own. They are not expensive and don’t take too much weight or space in you bags. You can be assured of a proper fit making you comfortable as well as germ-free. If you have vision issues, consider having your prescription put into your own mask. It is a wonderful luxury to be able to actually see underwater.

7. Entertainment. Yes, you will have your smart phone with your music. Do you want to share it? Bring along your iHome or portable speakers. Call me old fashioned, but how about a deck of cards? There is something special about a game of cards. You sit in close proximity and look at each other. It is a more intimate experience than playing Words with Friends on your phones. A game of Hearts sounds appropriate for a honeymoon.

8. Flask. A flask is not just for fraternity boys anymore. How nice to be able to have a drink in your room without having to dress for the hotel or resort bar?

9 Tote bag/backpack. On a beach or resort honeymoon, you will be schlepping sunglasses, books, readers, laptops, snacks, water bottles, towels and more back and forth to the beach or pool. A tote bag or backpack is invaluable. The new Mr. may prefer a backpack rather than a metallic woven tote that matches the Mrs.’ bikini.

10. Binoculars. Don’t miss the whales spouting off your lanai! Or will you be viewing wildlife? Take a good pair of binoculars to get up close and personal. Put them on your gift your registry if you don’t already own a pair.

11. Insulated cup. It was a smart traveler I spotted with her own insulated cup at an all-inclusive resort. She had the bartender make her drink in it so she could take it to the beach or pool and not worry about sand, spills or breakage.

12. Sunscreen and lip protection. Any sunburn on your honeymoon is not a good thing. Pack up the sunscreen and use it. Think how much fun it will be to help each other apply it! Sun protection for your lips will keep them kissable.

Coming Home

13. Plan ahead for your return home with food in the panty or freezer. Even if it is just a frozen pizza, it is better than having to stop on the way home from the airport to do mundane grocery shopping.

14. Order flowers to be delivered to your new spouse on the first day back at work.  That is the way to start a long and happy marriage!

Cheers to a wonderful life ahead!

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