1. Drop everything 2. Go to Australia

If you’re anything like me, you may have associated Australia with deadly creatures of all sorts. (NO THANK YOU.) Snakes hiding in toilets, toxic jellyfish the size of a thumbnail that are deceptively adorable, spider-infested everything…it’s safe to say that the land Down Under is a smorgasbord of nightmares come to life. BUT…don’t let that stop you from going! Even though the country offers an impressive variety of excruciating ways to die, it also happens to be really beautiful and really exciting for those looking for a little adventure (or a cooler epitaph). It’s both rustic and tropical, and also it has kangaroos and koalas. So there’s that.

Stephan Gerick, best known on YouTube for his paintings involving random objects (think painting Michael Jackson with Nutella and a knife, or painting national Argentina soccer team captain Lionel Messi with a soccer shoe), has also done a few travel videos from various excursions, and offers a great first-person experience of his time in Australia. Skydiving, anyone?

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