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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Introducing Visual Itineraries

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Think of Visual Itineraries as the online version of printed hotel brochures with all of your contact info stamped on them. It's an early-stage sales tool that you use with clients to show them several options you're recommending, and helping them choose among those options, by looking at high-resolution photo galleries, virtual tours, videos, webcams, and maps.

As well, because it's very visual, with videos, virtual tours, photo galleries, and maps, it tends to be very engaging, impress the customer, getting them excited about that destination and the resorts and experiences there.

Additionally, you can choose to show specials from suppliers within your itineraries. You select which suppliers to show specials from, and we automatically display specials on each page of your itinerary that match the resort or destination the customer is looking at at the moment.

Last but not least, it's a lead generation tool. Once a client has settled on their destination, resort(s), activities, etc., you can edit their itinerary down to just what they've selected, and encourage them to share their exciting, upcoming trip on Facebook. Because Visual Itineraries does NOT include the dates they're travelling, nor does it include what they spent, people are happy to share it on Facebook....no worries about people knowing when their house will be empty, or how much they're spending, or any of their personal info showing on the itinerary. It's just the photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, and maps of what they're going to experience.

When you build an itinerary, really all you do is pick the destination, then pick hotels and activities from a checklist. The itinerary then has a button you click to create an email that's already addressed to the client, with subject line filled in, salutation, a link to the Visual Itinerary you've created, and even your email signature. It takes about 60 seconds to create and send the client a Visual Itinerary that will "wow" them and have them engaged, exploring the hotel options you've selected, for hours.

At the bottom of every page of every itinerary you create, we show your photo, your company logo, and your contact information. When your clients' friends and family are looking at the exciting travel itinerary you've created for the client, they'll know who to contact if they'd like to enjoy a similar experience--you!

We're not replacing your existing process for managing a client's itinerary--so don't worry, there's no duplication of effort for you in terms of entering and updating details.

See how it really works

We've prepared a few short videos that will get you up to speed on the basics in just a couple of minutes: Click here to see our list of available destinations and points of interest. Or...check out our new, totally amazing, and FREE travel specials widget.

And it's very affordable--typically your commission on one additional sale will cover your first several years worth of itinerary fees! Check out our very simple pricing here.

Questions? Check out our travel agents FAQ page.

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