The Top Six Ski Resorts You Should Visit this Year

Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe
Photo: Squaw Valley Ski Resort, by Rennet Stowe on Flickr.

Defining the “top” anything is very difficult, and ski results are no different. The best snow is rarely any farther east than the Rockies, and yearly snowfall can have a big impact on the quality of the runs. While this list will give you the top places for this year, in reverse order of awesomeness, the exact arrangement of the best places will vary from year to year. None of these resorts is ever bad, and any of them would be a great choice for a ski vacation.
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When to show travel specials on your itineraries

Should you show relevant travel offers on your itineraries? The answer is simple: yes and no :-)

It all depends on who the itinerary was written for. If it’s for a specific client, you might not want to show specials and offers, as they may see something different from what you’ve already booked for them, and cost you a lot of time explaining why that offer isn’t actually as good as what you got them, or the dates don’t allow it, etc. etc. Continue reading

Overwater Bungalow…in Serbia?

Technically speaking, I guess this IS an overwater bungalow. Might not be the best choice for your honeymoon though :-)

Video courtesy Zoomin Travel.

The Drina is over 200 miles long, and is formed by the confluence of the Tara and the Piva rivers, both of which flow from Montenegro and converge on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Hum and Šćepan Polje villages (thanks Wikipedia!).

Review: Moon Handbooks’ Tahiti – 7th Edition

David Stanley - Tahiti - Moon guidebook

The 7th edition of David Stanley's Tahiti Moon handbook

Technically speaking, guidebook author David Stanley lives in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island…but we’re not sure exactly how many minutes per year he actually spends there. This is a man whose passport gathers no moss: his travels have taken him to 185 countries to date (he’s just back from Iran a few days ago, and has his tickets booked for country #186 for this coming September). And he doesn’t just touch down and check the big highlights of a destination off of his list–he exhaustively explores and documents each destination.

We cracked open his latest Tahiti guidebook–now in its seventh edition–and were pleased to find a wealth of information–and CURRENT information, too, which is important here, since French Polynesia has undergone a number of changes in the past couple of years, from a major change to destination wedding regulations to several famous hotels that have been closed for renovation. Continue reading