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How Social Media is Like Sex

How social media is like sexIn the travel industry, agents are flocking to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Google+ as these channels become valuable ways to reach new prospective clients, and keep in touch with existing clients. There are likes, shares, fans, +1′s, followers…but what does it all mean? What’s valuable to our client relationships and marketing, and HOW valuable are each of these?

I’m going to use a metaphor we can all relate to: sex. Continue reading

Pilot’s view of descent into Queenstown, NZ

Descending through the clouds into Queenstown, NZThis is an absolutely stunning piece of footage of coming into Queenstown, NZ to land. It appears to be in a commercial jet, based on how he needs nearly every foot of runway available to get the thing stopped at the end. And the descent through the clouds…with the sharp-edged Remarkables mountains directly ahead and Lake Wakatipu below…well, this is why passengers get windows that look out the sides, so they don’t scream, pass out, etc. Continue reading

When to show travel specials on your itineraries

Should you show relevant travel offers on your itineraries? The answer is simple: yes and no :-)

It all depends on who the itinerary was written for. If it’s for a specific client, you might not want to show specials and offers, as they may see something different from what you’ve already booked for them, and cost you a lot of time explaining why that offer isn’t actually as good as what you got them, or the dates don’t allow it, etc. etc. Continue reading

Overwater Bungalow…in Serbia?

Technically speaking, I guess this IS an overwater bungalow. Might not be the best choice for your honeymoon though :-)

Video courtesy Zoomin Travel.

The Drina is over 200 miles long, and is formed by the confluence of the Tara and the Piva rivers, both of which flow from Montenegro and converge on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Hum and Šćepan Polje villages (thanks Wikipedia!).