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For over 5 years I've owned and operated A Change of Latitude Travel. I started from the ground up and have successfully planned and arranged numerous vacations, many of which were honeymoons and 10-12 destination weddings. I am a romantic, so of course, my specialty in the travel world is "Romance Travel" to awesome Caribbean destinations and Mexico. Not looking for romance, that's ok too, just let me know you're interested in traveling to someplace tropical and I'll get you there. I'm an island girl at heart,... give me palm trees, a beach, a good book and plenty of sunshine, at a luxury all inclusive resort and you'll find one content gal. When I'm not working, I enjoy my passion of traveling and learning about new destinations, motorcycle riding, camping and hanging out with my 2 best friends, Molly and Bella (yes, my dogs).

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NOW Larimar Punta Cana

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Aerial View of NOW

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Aerial View of NOW - NOW Larimar Punta Cana. Copyright NOW Larimar Punta Cana.

Step into the breathtaking Now Larimar Punta Cana and enjoy a wristband-free, excitement-filled getaway. Far from life's demands. Back to its simple pleasures. Where sophistication meets understated. And the kids have as much fun as the grown-ups.

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Get ready for 822 spacious guest rooms with the impressive amenities of Unlimited-Luxury® spread out among two 4-story buildings. Our accommodations feature Caribbean-inspired touches with furnished balconies and truly impressive views.

Your days at Now Larimar Punta Cana will begin and end with the tastes of savory dishes prepared by an expert culinary and mixology team and served by waiters who seem to have read your mind. Relish in the moment with the goodness of fine foods and drinks within the cool Caribbean atmosphere of seven reservation-free gourmet restaurants and seven bars & lounges. Every taste will be satisfied and thirst quenched… in your laid-back attire of course.

If you're looking to turn the romance up a notch or three, ask the concierge about our secluded seaside, candlelit dinner for two.

There's no place like Now Larimar for fun and we've got the activities to prove it. Let the wind push you through the crystal clear blue Caribbean waves or impress your family with the perfect strike at the bowling alley. The possibilities are endless when it comes to entertainment.

Time for you. For all of you. To enjoy moments you all deserve...Now.

Refresh the mind, stimulate the body and rejuvenate the soul at Now Larimar's world-class spa. With treatments that will leave you invigorated from couple's massages to soothing facials, our expert staff is here to advise and recommend treatments for a relaxing journey. Enjoy a treatment under a Palapa. The scenery cannot be better. Have the time of your life here, now. As many times as you like.

Offering 6 finely appointed indoor treatment rooms, 3 couples treatment rooms, 2 facial rooms, a shiatsu cabin and 3 luxurious open-air palapas, this world-class spa will surely offer a tranquil and relaxing spa experience.

To savor every moment. Reconnect with one another. And yourself. To escape.

Far from life's demands. And back to its simple pleasures. Discover a fresh, fun and cheerful destination where sophistication meets understated. Venture inside a handsome suite. Savor amenities in a class by themselves. Partake in leisure pursuits that rival any resort. Period.

It's paradise served well done, where play and party is just steps from peace and quiet. The dream vacation complete with Unlimited-Luxury®, the hallmark of Now.

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Review date:   September 15, 2016 10:10PM
Review:   Great resort. Food was good. Entertainment was good. Staff are very friendly. Rooms are nice and price reasonable. Only complaint is that they run out of towels frequently.
Author:   Kev Singh
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   September 26, 2016 3:25AM
Review:   Horrible food and cheap liquor and rooms smell of mold. Preferred vip does not make it any different. Pools close at 7pm. This place is a joke. If someone has a great review it is probably because they never been to a really nice place before.
Author:   jonathan ellis
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   September 21, 2016 2:09AM
Review:   First of all, let me start by saying that we booked this hotel for 10 people. That's right. Ten people. $12,000. You'd think the staff would care about our needs or wants. They, in fact, did not. We tried to book the honeymoon suite for us and regular rooms for my family but we all got the same rooms. When I asked about it, I was told it was because I booked through a third party. Fine. I will discuss that with them. Next, when we arrived we were given certain times for dinner, shows and were told we had $200 in extra "VIP" money to spend; $100 at the spa and $40 at the casino. That was actually not true. I cashed in my VIP key and I was given "extra" money to use. I got excited and thought that was great! What I was not told was that I could not use the credit all at once; so $10 per night at the casino. I was told this the last night of our trip, after not using any credit thus far but spending well over $100 at the casino alone. I asked to speak to a manager; he Was NO help and while I talked to him his staff watched our discussion and commented in Spanish with smirks on their face. The customer service is complete garbage unless you are at a preferred bar with certain staff after you've tipped them. My room was BARELY cleaned the entire 4 days I was there. I had washcloths only the first day. Of the 5 restaurants, not one was great. They were all okay. The room service was probably the best. The shows were okay, the circus one being the best. We vacation twice a year and I have NEVER had a resort care as little as this resort did. My family and I will NEVER return to a NOW resort in the Dominican, or anywhere else.
Author:   Destiny Owen
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   September 13, 2016 11:37AM
Review:   We chose Now Garden because of its high ratings. We stayed here for ten nights (still had three more nights to go at the time of writing this review). Things were good for the first few days until we got sick because of a fire show at Now Larimar and needed help. WARNING: DON'T SIT CLOSE TO THE FIRE SHOW. DON"T LET YOUR KIDS GET SICK, BECAUSE THE RESORT WON'T DO ANYTHING. We were very excited to go the fire show. We were seated on the second row near the pathway which the performers took to enter the stage. As soon as the show started, my girlfriend made a comment on a chemical smell and she had a hard time breathing. To be honest, I thought one time wouldn't really hurt and we decided to stay. We left the show as soon as it ended. However, on that very night, we both had a hard time breathing and next morning, we woke up with a series of respiratory symptoms: coughing, running nose, sneezing, sore throat, fever, weakness, which left us unable to enjoy anything and we ended up staying indoor for the following three days. We didn't intend to blame the resort for organizing the show. However, what happened after really showed how unprofessional the Now Garden management is and how little they care about their customers. We waited for two days, hoping these symptoms will go away. However, we got quite sick and hence we decided to approach the management. Our hope was that at least we might be able to see a doctor and the resort can provide us some simple (and cheap) medicines for coughing/sore throat. The manager at Now Garden initially said he needed to talk to his manager and then told me that there is a doctor at Now Larimar but we need to see the doctor at our own costs. The worst part is that the manager blamed us for all the symptoms we have been suffering. They could at least apologize for not warning us for the potential risks of the fire show. Or they could offer us some cheap medicines. They said it was OUR RESPONSIBILITY to get sick, because NO ONE ELSE COMPLAINED. They even said we decided to sit on the second row, and we waited for two days, so they are NOT RESPONSIBLE for our suffering at al. I said I will write a review about this, the manager simply said "go ahead". We left feeling very disappointed and disrespected. Of course, we can pay to see the doctor ourselves, but blaming us for being responsible for our own symptoms is utterly unprofessional. When we tried to tell the manager this is not right, he almost yelled at us and repeatedly stated that it was our responsibility. The sad part is at that night, there were many kids sitting on the first row and inhaling all the smoke, too. I don't know if the same problems happened to them or if their parents were aware of the medical risks brought by the fire show. It would have been a tragedy if any audience has a history of asthma. Just to show how unprofessional the management is at Now Garden, the manager asked me a few times if we have asthma (and we don't), so they can be excused I suppose? Overall very disappointed because they don't care about their customers and they don't make an effort to make us feel better. APOLOGY DOESN'T COST ANYTHING.
Author:   Mengran Xu
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   August 8, 2016 8:16PM
Review:   Overall the experience was a good one. The beach is beautiful. The rooms were spacious. The staff were courteous and friendly. The alcohol flows constantly and mixed drinks are quite good. El presidente is the beer you want. The food though leaves a lot to be desired though. Castaways is really the only consistent quality restaurant. In a lot of cases, the language barrier resulted in wrong orders. If these were real restaurants in a bustling city, they'd be out of business quickly.
Author:   Chris MacDermaid
Rating (out of 3 stars):